Department of Education Inspires Schools to Go Green

There are now more incentives for going green that may even help schools across the country save some green.  The US Department of Education recently announced a new program that will award school buildings, school grounds and school curricula that have served to advance environmental safety and preservation.  The Green Ribbon Schools program is the gold standard for green education.

Green Ribbon Schools will bestow recognition on schools that teach students how to reduce their carbon footprint.

“Environmental literacy is an important part of a well-rounded, world-class education,” said Education Secretary Arne Duncan.  “Through the Green Ribbon Schools program, we’ll be holding up schools that are leading the way in teaching science in ways that show students the importance of developing clean energy sources and sustainable solutions for the environment.”

This administration has made energy management a key issue. The Department of Education hopes the new initiative will help financially struggling schools save money and better prepare students for employment in an increasingly environmentally-conscious society, states an Ashland Current article.

Schools are large energy consumers, spending an estimated $8 billion per year.  Recent studies, including a statement from the US Department of Energy, suggest that smarter energy management in schools could cut school energy costs by 25 percent, or an annual amount of $1 billion.  Though many states have already implemented separate green school programs and environmental literacy curriculum, the Green Ribbon Schools program seeks to bring schools across the country under the same umbrella.

The Green Ribbon Schools program is the product of a joint-effort by the Campaign for Environmental Literacy, the Earth Day Network, the National Wildlife Federation and the US Green Building Council.  Advanced Control Corporation is a member of the US Green Building Council and a leader in energy management building solutions in South Florida.  Our first green project was on the Broward Community College South Regional Library, so an initiative that brings energy conservation together with schools is especially important to us.  Advanced Control Corporation has over 20 years of designing, installing and servicing building automation systems that have reduced the carbon footprint of several thousand buildings in Florida.  For more information on how we can make your school or other facility more energy efficient, call us today at 954.491.6660.