Advanced Control Says Pan, Tilt, Zoom for Added Security


There is an array of excellent options when it comes to closed circuit television, or CCTV, solutions. A particularly comprehensive choice is pan/tilt/zoom, or PTZ, cameras. These are an ideal solution to the various issues that fixed cameras pose.

As the name implies, the PTZ allows the user to zero-in and closely follow the recorded action. The PTZ provides a greater range of view to pan your building’s premises using the lens settings at its widest angle. This also enables you to in-depth zoom for a closer look, which is especially useful for identification purposes during playback.

A PTZ camera has the ability to investigate your facility from multiple angles, as opposed to fixed cameras that only offer one perspective on a trained spot. This is an additional security advantage that will help keep your people and profits safe. These cameras are able to view up-and-down, side-to-side, and even scope the entire front and sides of your building, rather than a fraction of it. The system operator can manually control the direction of the surveillance camera by the easy-to-use keypad or joystick, to ensure you capture exactly what you wish.

Another feature of the PTZ cameras is the pan, tilt, zoom technology, which virtually eliminates the security issue of individuals avoiding areas they are aware are being watched or recorded. This reduces the risk of threatening activities such as company theft.

Advanced Control Corporation’s team of proficient security design experts are ready to demonstrate to you how your overall video surveillance system can benefit from the added security of a PTZ surveillance camera in your facility. We have built a solid and respected reputation for our products and services over the years and our consumers have helped make us the finest controls company in South Florida. For more details on how we can make your facility more secure, contact us now at 954-491-6660.