Security Solutions for Small Buildings

There are many intricate and high-tech security solutions for high-rise offices and large facilities, but what about for smaller spaces?  For inhabitants of a single school, small business or retail store, the same advanced security options available to larger buildings may be tailored to a more limited space. Advanced Control Corporation provides excellent stand-alone and affordable solutions for unmanned and remote sites.

To start, Andover Controls integrated small buildings controller allows for the same benefits as TAC’s flagship continuum product line.  TAC is a leading provider of energy management, building automation and security solutions—and is an authorized system integration alliance group of which Advanced Control Corporation is an elite member.  The TAC/ Andover Controls products installed by Advanced Control Corporation were originally developed to monitor and control large commercial and institutional solar energy systems, but have grown to incorporate methods and strategies for all types of buildings.

Small facilities may use the single-board solution with eight custom inputs, two reader inputs for access control and four outputs to operate locks.  Our controller solutions are designed to accommodate your building automation and access control needs from an integrated system, while allowing room for future expansion.

Other features include a built-in web server and Continuum CyberStation integration, which offers graphic displays where users can analyze system alarms and live conditions.  Users may also change set points, alarm thresholds and modify operating modes instantly.  No additional software is needed to display site information, with access available on a standard web browser from anywhere in the world.  This solution is ideal for small businesses, such as convenience stores, gas stations and other locations where low cost card-access and HVAC control is essential.

At Advanced Control Corporation, our mission is to be the leading provider of building automation, access control and system integration in South Florida.  No matter the size of your facility, our team of quality-trained professionals is available to serve your unique and specific needs.  Customers are our top priority, so whether you are a large, commercial building or a small business, we believe you deserve good service.  For more information on how our security solutions may help secure your space, contact us today at 954.491.6660.