Elevator Access Control Offers Unique Protections

High-rise and multi-tenant facilities are often at an increased risk for security breaches simply due to their size.  Large and busy buildings are sometimes difficult to monitor because there are more ways for anomalies to blend in and gain access.  It is important to have a security automation system that covers critical points of vulnerability in buildings, regardless of their size, in order to protect the inhabitants and property of the facility.

For large buildings, it is not enough to control the obvious points of entry.  A thorough and efficient access control solution ensures that no corner or hallway is left unnoticed.  Another important feature to consider is elevator access control.  Elevators are a vital part of a building’s network and operations.  Implementing elevator access control measures is a good method for limiting undesirable transient traffic.  Other benefits include reducing a building’s risk of costly theft and damage to the structure.

Advanced Control Corporation offers affordable and efficient solutions for integrative building information technology, like elevator access control.  Access control provides the ability to permit or deny the use of a specific resource by a specific entity.  This can streamline operations with complete accuracy.

Advanced Control Corporation offers a list of unique and customizable features, such as the ability to control all elevators for every floor in your building.  Elevator access control may be used as a stand-alone operation or may be integrated into a pre-existing Advanced Control Corporation building automation and video surveillance system.

Making elevator access control a part of your security system will provide extra assurance that your building is protected.  A host computer manages all of the incoming data and even retains information in the case of a power failure.  Elevator access control also makes it possible to authorize accessible floors for particular cardholders and the available memory can handle up to 50,000 cardholders and up to 20,000 events.

Advanced Control Corporation is a leader in offering quality security automation solutions to South Florida and is ready to make your facility more secure with elevator access control.  For more information, call 954-491-6660 today.