Does your Security System Need Thermal Imaging Cameras?

Thermal imaging is a unique CCTV solution that may conjure up images of great spy movies and futuristic technology.  But the truth is this surveillance solution is widely used today by the military, fire and rescue and law enforcement to help detect things unseen to the naked eye. Now recognized as an effective and affordable way to protect your assets, CCTV solutions, like thermal imaging cameras, have grown in popularity and use.

Initially developed for special government facilities and to improve bank security, CCTV, or closed circuit television, technology is now a popular solution for monitoring the safety of your business, building and workforce.  Essentially, CCTV technology allows for the private transmitting of signals from video cameras to authorized monitors.  In the specific case of thermal imaging cameras, they are able to detect subtle temperature changes in total darkness.  All objects, both manmade and natural, emit infrared energy as heat and thermal imaging has the ability to view these objects in extreme low lighting and weather conditions.

Thermal imaging cameras are an excellent CCTV solution for your pre-existing video surveillance system because they eliminate the vulnerabilities of conventional security options.  Integrating thermal imaging cameras into your security surveillance system will better protect your high-value assets and premises by capturing surveillance footage in complete darkness, restricted visibility or inclement weather.  If your building needs a complete security solution, then thermal imaging cameras are a strategic choice.

For the past 20 years, Advanced Control Corporation has participated in several of the pioneering advances in our industry and provided service to hundreds of facilities spanning three continents.  As an industry leader, we are the top provider of CCTV solutions in Fort Lauderdale and we will supply our customers with the highest level of support and training to give you the latest in CCTV technology.  For more information on CCTV solutions for your building, call Advanced Control today.