Business and Home Security

As the years fly by and technology becomes more advanced and more affordable, there are numerous developments in security and video data. Building, businesses and private homes are increasingly using more CCTV products than ever before. Two to even three decades ago, security systems were black and white basic screening and mainly used for high risk locations. Now, more and more people are safe guarding their properties with advanced CCTV technology, from residential areas, to parking lots and local stores. There are a wide variety of options in camera technology, recording, and the method of viewing. Customers can choose the latest in infrared and lighting technology, and innovative designs as well.

The CCTV and security industry as a whole has seen major advancements in the realm of recording, storing and viewing footage. With today’s technology, people can monitor commercial and residential space 24 hours a day from a computer screen if they so wished. With all of the high-quality CCTV options available, many companies and buildings are making the leap from analog to IP. This integration facilitates the reduction in both immediate and long term financial losses. The upgrade is definitely a wise investment, for large or small scale buildings, creating accountability and reassurance for building inhabitants.

Advanced Control Corporation is an industry-leading provider of closed circuit television surveillance technology. Logically tailored to meet your building automation surveillance needs, your closed circuit television system will secure your buildings inhabitants. Advanced Control Corp. has many CCTV recording solutions options available, with the highest level of efficiency and lowest cost of ownership. Find out more about CCTV solutions and how Advanced Control and help you today.