Building Automation – The Next Big Thing in Green Technology

The building automation market is projected to take off in the next few years, thanks to the overall interest in energy efficient technology. Companies nationwide are converting and replacing, and commercial automation in particular is being touted as the next big boom. Several factors go into why the movement towards building automation is taking place, but none more obvious than the many economic incentives. With the country being in recovery, everyone is focused on the bottom line, and energy efficiency has become one of the largest money saving practices in which a business can participate. Along with tax incentives, the long term energy costs savings are well worth the investment to automate and/or integrate. As a result, more and more buildings are being built to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards.

LEED certified buildings saw a 14% growth in 2010, and profits from energy savings are only forecasted to increase in 2011 as technology gets more energy efficient and less expensive. Recently, at the U.S. Green Building Council’s Expo in Chicago, Retired Gen. Colin Powell stated that IT is the answer to get to the next level of energy conservation. It seems building automation technology is on the right track, with application price points going down, and devices getting smarter and providing more control. All technology is geared towards operating on one platform; system integration is what is happening now in the industry. No one would design a space that did not have all controls on one network. From large building automation systems to small, everyone is taking the steps to crossover.

Advanced Control Corporation is knowledgeable and adept at installing the latest LEED friendly technology tailored to your building. Advanced Control Corporation offers building automation in South Florida, is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and continues to demonstrate leadership in providing energy efficient products and services. For more information, and to learn how we can make your building more energy efficient, call 954-491-6660.