Upgrading Control Systems

In this economy, justifying overhauling the control systems of a building can be a difficult task. However, no matter how advanced the technology, time takes effect and systems can no longer perform, in turn affecting the productivity of its occupants. Problems can be varied, and most aging system controls have less to do with functionality and more to do with the current technological standards. Experts suggest categorizing your company’s building control systems upgrades, such as, “more energy efficient.” Another way to lighten the financial load of a control upgrades is to do them in installments, which is a more affordable option for universities or medical campuses that have multi-building sites.

How do you know when your building needs system controls upgrades? Well here are a few questions you should answer in order to put the state of your system in perspective:

1.      Is your existing control system obsolete and creating productivity problems for the building or security breaches?

2.      Is your building being penalized financially for the aging or obsolescence of the system’s controls?

3.      Is there a new energy standard being implemented? More cost effective LEED?

New controls and automation systems in general do not have to break the bank, but can do just the opposite. Energy efficiency and standards for control systems are today’s focus, and it is becoming a requirement, as it should, for designers and engineers alike. New controls can save electrical energy, as well as human energy exerted by the facility’s occupants or staff, providing a service of greater productivity on both levels. Establishing these types of upgrades and implementation is paramount to enable the company or building’s effectiveness in 2011.

Advance Control Corporation can aid in this process and provide services to start this year off in the right direction for your company or building.