Today is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day!

Today is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day, so commemorate this day by examining your energy usage and how you can cut down to help the environment and your finances!

According the U.S. Department of Energy, Americans used 4 trillion kilowatts-hours in 2009. That equates to about $480 billion spent on electricity! There are simple ways to reduce energy usage, such as turning off lights and electronics when you’re not using them. Making use of natural lighting and compact fluorescent lighting helps to reduce costs. Lighting control systems help to automate your building to ensure electricity is not wasted. Energy efficient heating and cooling systems play a major role in reducing your energy usage. The Department of Energy website gives many helpful tips and resources for other methods of saving money and energy at home.

For commercial buildings, the best way to reduce energy usage is to lets your tenants do the work for you. Empower your building’s tenants by giving them real time information on the building’s energy usage! Most modern building automation systems have external displays that show levels of energy used. Communicate this information to your tenants, and they will see how their day-to-day actions affect the building. More than likely, they will take steps to helping the building reduce overall energy use – by turning off their computers at night or by turning off the lights. Get your building’s occupants involved in energy conservation! Contact Advanced Control Corporation to learn how to lower your energy consumption with a building automation system.