Automation and Control System Trends for 2011

The latest trends in the automation and control systems industry are very much parallel with those that exist in our everyday technology. Whether it is entertainment technology, communication, or security, they are all moving in the same direction, and that is towards integration.

1.      Mobile Operator Devices: In today’s world, convenience is based on how quickly and easily we can access data and the number of mediums through which we are able to access this data (i.e. being able to access internet, email and applications from one phone). Over the years, nearly every handheld device has decreased in price while increasing capabilities. The use of Mobile Operator Devices is growing in the automation industry because it allows operators to manage multiple machines while being mobile. Another perk is video technology that shows problems with systems in “real time.”

2.      Information Security: More and more leaps are being made in the world of security systems, namely information technology security. More cyber attacks are being launched against networks and databases, which are more susceptible to viruses and worms, in addition to remote workers exposing critical data through weak remote systems or holes. More security technology is emerging along with training and certifications.

3.      Wireless: While the concept of wireless technology hasn’t been new since the dawn of the ubiquitous cellular phone, it is reaching new heights in the automation industry. Engineers are using wireless to implement new innovative applications that can save them money. Industrial wireless standards have not been highly developed yet, but will gain importance when it is utilized for most system installations.

4.      Energy: Keeping with the global concern about energy consumption, interest in ways to conserve will remain strong. This will lead to metering use and developing more ways to efficiently use energy and keep costs down.

5. Enterprise Automation System: Today, any industrial plant of a reasonable size is unlikely to have a single control system installed, but integration is moving forward. This trend will be achieved by choosing a unifying software architecture supplied by a single vendor.  Software will include real-time databases; multiple native protocol drives, ERP interfaces, and IT database interfaces.

These are just some of the trends the automation and system control industry will likely see in the coming year. Advanced Control Corporation of South Florida is an industry leader in energy management, systems and building automation. Innovation and integration are essential elements to improve a building’s efficiency and overall operation. Contact Advanced Control for more information, call 954.491.6660.