LEED Volume Program To Save Developers on Certification Costs

The U.S. Green Building Council is making it easier – and less expensive – for high volume property developers to register buildings for the LEED certification program. The new LEED Volume Program launched last month is specially designed for organizations planning to certify a large number of new construction projects. The program streamlines the LEED certification process, increases efficiency and lowers associated costs without compromising LEED’s rigorous standards.

To qualify for the LEED Volume Program, developers must commit to a minimum of 25 projects in a period of three years, which is helpful to property developers of retail, hospitality, government and other commercial buildings. The program is expected to save developers of 25 projects 17% on certification costs, and developers of 100 buildings 70% off, according to Green Building Elements.

The LEED Volume Program’s goal is to preserve the integrity of the LEED certification program, reduce costs for high volume users, and to encourage businesses to integrate LEED standards into organization-wide practices. Best Buy, Marriot Hotels and Starwood Hotels are among the companies already signed up for the Volume Program.

The program hopes to dramatically increase the incentive for retailers to pursue LEED-certification and to further green building practices. With over 20 years of experience, Advanced Control Corporation of South Florida has helped organizations to reduce their carbon footprint by designing, installing and servicing building automation, energy management systems and system integration to thousands of buildings in Florida. With participation in Broward County’s first LEED-certified project, Advanced Control continues to explore advances and emerging technologies in the green building and building automation sector.