Building Automation Saves Hotels Money

Eco-friendly hotels are a growing trend in the United States as well as abroad as consumers are increasingly expressing interest in green buildings. An environmentally conscious hotel does affect consumer interest, and provides a more comfortable stay for guests. Since guest rooms account for a large part of energy consumed in a hotel, buildings automation solutions allow guests to control everything from lighting and water to air conditioning.

Especially in a tough economy, it is more important than ever for hotels to save on energy costs. Energy management is a critical issue in running a hotel facility. In a typical hotel, 32% of energy is spent on cooling and 19% is spent on lighting, according to That is more than half of total energy spent on just cooling and lighting combined. Water heating, refrigeration and ventilation also follow closely behind.

By installing energy management systems like lighting control, motion sensors can detect when people are in the room and can automatically switch off when people are not present in order to save on energy costs. Proper integration of building automation and lighting control can be very effective in saving energy.

Advanced Control Corporation of South Florida specializes in building automation, energy management, system integration, access control and CCTV solutions. Since 1987, Advanced Control has been helping commercial properties become LEED-certified and more eco-friendly by reducing their carbon footprint. Advanced Control Corporation continually stays at the forefront of emerging technologies to provide the latest systems for cost-effective energy management in hotels and beyond.