LEED-Certified Buildings See 14% Growth

In 2010, LEED-certified buildings grew one billion square feet – that’s a growth rate of 14 percent, according to the annual Green Building Market & Impact Report. Despite the tough economy, total LEED-certified floor area grew 50 percent last year and LEED-certified projects increased by 40 percent.

The growth of LEED-certified buildings is evident outside of the United States as well, with India, China and the United Arab Emirates as the three countries with the most overall LEED-certified square footage.

In addition to building new LEED-certified projects, renovating and retrofitting existing buildings also helps to reduce our carbon footprint by evaluating environmental impacts in a number of areas including water savings, air quality control and energy efficiency.

According to the report, energy efficient LEED-certified buildings are saving 8 million tons of CO2 emissions. Although that’s progress, it is only a mere percentage of our overall CO2 footprint annually. Many more buildings worldwide can stand to improve their energy usage levels.

Advanced Control Corporation is a Florida-based company that helps buildings reduce their energy costs by providing building automation and energy management solutions. Since 1987, Advanced Control has been developing innovative building systems and cost-effective energy management to help preserve our environment.

As a member of the United States Green Building Council, Advanced Control Corporation continues to demonstrate leadership in energy conservation by participating in Broward County’s first LEED-certified project; the Broward County Community College library. Advanced Control provided a building automation system that controls and monitors the building’s air handling units, indoor air quality, humidity, chilled water system and more. Since then, Advanced Control has helped thousands of buildings to reduce their carbon footprint.