How Your Tenants Can Help You Become More Energy Efficient

As we look for ways to be more energy efficient and to implement cost saving measures in our businesses, we must not lose sight of the importance of sharing information with ALL of the people that can affect the outcome of our efforts.  Too often we overlook the people that occupy our buildings when we assess who should be in the information loop regarding our conservation efforts and their results.  By empowering a building’s occupants with vital, real-time information, we can involve everyone in our efforts to conserve energy and resources.

Most modern building automation systems have the ability to communicate the information within their databases to an external source like a display or a kiosk.  This information is a valuable resource to help you accomplish your goals, but the information has to be out there for everyone to see.

If every morning your tenants were able to see the buildings “efficiency” displayed in graphical terms with a list of ways for the tenant to be involved as they rode the elevator to their floor, they could become a valuable foot soldier in your effort.  A practical example of this would be if the display showed that the building consumed more energy the previous night than it should have and listed a few steps like turning off lights and computers when they leave for the night.  What you will find is that the majority of your tenants would make at least some effort to participate – resulting in saved energy.

By getting everyone involved, you can enlist the building’s occupants to help conserve energy and resources. All you have to do is give them the knowledge that is locked up in your building automation system.

Please contact us at Advanced Control Corporation and inquire as to how we can assist you in using your building automation system to lower your energy consumption.