Department of Energy Report Helps Buildings Reduce Energy Use by 50%

The U.S. Department of Energy has released an energy-savings guide to help commercial buildings reduce their energy consumption by 50 percent. The technical report, “Technical Support Document: Strategies for 50% Energy Savings in Large Office Buildings”, gives recommendations on energy-efficient measures to take to reduce energy use by 50 percent in less than 5 years.

The Department of Energy has also released a guide for quick service restaurants to become more energy efficient. The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory conducted the simulation using a 2,500 square foot building model. Some energy-efficient features include an optimized HVAC system, interior and exterior lighting control, cool roofs and high-performance window glazing.

The Department of Energy is currently working on a series of Advanced Energy Design Guides to show engineers, architects and building designers how to achieve higher standards in green building and to promote energy efficiency for retail, restaurants and commercial buildings nationally.

To help buildings become more energy efficient, Advanced Control Corporation of South Florida provides building automation and energy management systems. Advanced Control has been an industry leader since 1987, specializing in innovative building systems for cost-effective energy management. Some simple ways to reduce energy consumption include installing lighting control with motion sensors. Energy efficient air quality monitoring is another area that can be examined to create a comfortable and safe environment for inhabitants. Advanced Control provides HVAC systems to efficiently control and monitor indoor air temperature and humidity. For more information on building automation systems to effectively reduce your energy usage, see Solutions.