An Economical Way to Upgrade Your CCTV System

A number of commercial facilities, including banks, airports, casinos, convenience stores, hospitals and more benefit from surveillance technology to increase the security in their establishments. Surveillance technology in the form of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is an effective security measure that transmits signals from video cameras to specified monitors located at a specific location.

For most CCTV system owners that have existing systems comprised of traditional Analog Recorders and older technology cameras, having the ability to upgrade and take advantage of the latest Network Based Digital Video Surveillance Systems or expand their system to meet their current needs is a challenge in today’s economic climate. Having realized the benefits that Video Surveillance plays in the managing of their business and its assets, but dealing with the cost of replacing it is a problem many companies face.

The newest digital cameras and systems capture and display more information, better, sharper images and allow for recording and storing much more data than ever before, plus a host of user definable surveillance perimeters.

At Advanced Control Corporation, we have various solutions that incorporate your initial investment into your existing CCTV system while enhancing that infrastructure to transition towards the latest in IP Network and Digital Video Storage and Data Retrieval. These enhancements allow you to accommodate your current and future needs, while using as much of your initial investment to lower the cost of your upgrade.

Contact us at Advanced Control in Florida and allow us to show you the many ways in which you can improve your existing CCTV system and improve the level of performance you’re getting from the investment you’ve already made.