Huge Growth Predicted for Green Building Market

Energy and environmentally-conscious buildings continue to be on the rise, with Environmental Leader Insights reporting that the U.S. green building market will grow from $71.1 billion currently to reach $172 billion by 2015!

Building with natural resources and employee productivity in mind is catching on due to the growing recognition of its cost-saving benefits as well as because of government incentives. For example, the U.S. Recovery Through Retrofit Initiative offers $80 billion towards energy and environmental retrofits for federal buildings.  The Barack Obama-backed $6 billion Home Star Energy Retrofit Act gives rebates to homeowners who make their house more energy efficient.

These programs are expected to increase job opportunities in the green building industry. According to Environmental Leader Insights, construction workers will increasingly seek out green training programs, companies will invest more in green building technology and homes with green building features will sell better in the real estate market. All these points will benefit business owners and homeowners alike. Not to mention, they will see lower energy and heating bills while reducing their carbon footprint on the environment.

The preservation of our environment is a priority for Advanced Control Corporation, which has been serving the South Florida community since 1987.  With the tagline “We were GREEN before green was cool,” Advanced Control has been an industry leader in developing environmentally sound methods of building management and systems maintenance. Advanced Control has provided automation systems, building temperature control and integrated building solutions to thousands of buildings in Florida and continues to stay current with new technology.