Marion County School District Saves Millions through Energy Management

The Marion County School Board in Central Florida developed an energy management plan four years ago that is continuing to pay off – with $8.7 million in savings to date. In the last update from the energy management team, energy usage has dropped by more than 21 percent in school buildings since the program was enacted in December 2005.

According to, the two-man energy team found ways to save energy by using automatic heating and air conditioning control systems and working with custodians to turn off lights when they finished cleaning a room. Some schools have motion sensor lighting control to shut off lights when no one is in the room.

“Our biggest consumption is heating and cooling,” says Wally Wagoner, deputy superintendent, so the schools are being built with energy conservation in mind. Fessenden Elementary School in Marion County saw a 44.7 percent drop in energy use since 2005 and not far behind is Belleview-Santos Elementary, which dropped its energy use by 44 percent. Last year, 16 school buildings received the Energy Star efficiency certification so the school board is looking for ways to get even more buildings qualified.

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