America’s First Green Airport Celebrates Opening in Panama City, Florida

The country’s first truly green airport terminal, Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport, opened on Monday, May 24th in Panama City, Florida. The airport covers 4,000 acres of airport and industrial business park surface, including 1,400 acres of land zoned for commercial and industrial use. It is the first airport to achieve the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, earning it the title of “America’s First Green Airport”.

The design of the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport includes sustainable construction technology, landscaping that requires no supplemental irrigation and acres of wildlife conservation.

Governor Charlie Crist attended the opening ceremonies of the airport and praised its economic impact on the state of Florida. “Florida is undoubtedly one of the world’s favorite tourism spots, and our economy thrives on projects and initiatives that strengthen this vital industry,” Governor Crist said. “I am confident this airport will further encourage tourists to visit the Panhandle, our sugar-sand beaches and fish in our pristine waters, while also making it easier for Floridians to travel around the state. We will continue to pursue projects that maintain Florida’s reputation as a world-class destination,” (GovMonitor).

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