Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary Reminds Businesses to Go Green

This Thursday, April 22, 2010 is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day – reminding individuals to be conscious of their impact on the planet. The issue of preserving our environment will be top of mind for many in the building industry. Most of the electricity in the U.S. is generated by burning fossil or nuclear fuel, so one of the easiest ways to be green in the building industry is to automate systems for energy efficiency. By reducing the use of energy and resources, companies will lessen their carbon footprint on the planet – and save money while doing so.

Advanced Control Corporation has been a green company for over twenty years, and is the industry leader for developing environmentally sound methods of building energy management and systems maintenance. Advanced Control can help your company save money by reducing energy costs in a variety of ways.

Advanced Control Corporation designs, installs and services building automation and energy management systems that monitor air handling units, variable air volume boxes, indoor air quality (CO2), indoor relative humidity, exhaust air systems, chilled water systems, lighting controls and more. Advanced Control will coordinate a control system that is nearly effortless to update and maintain, while reducing energy use, saving money and decreasing carbon footprint.

Earth Day serves as a reminder for all businesses to be environmentally-aware. However, sustainability and preserving the environment are issues that should be high priority year-round. As a member of the United States Green Building Council, Advanced Control has continued to help reduce the carbon footprint of thousands of buildings in Florida throughout the past twenty years.