Building Automation Industry Sees Growth in Coming Years

According to Sustainable News, the building automation systems market is expected to exceed $36 billion globally by 2015. That means a 3% growth in the industry from 2009 to 2015. Energy use in commercial buildings accounts for up to 20% of total energy use in some countries, making energy efficiency and environmental awareness huge topics for the next few years.

In North America alone, the building automation market is expected to increase 2% this year, reaching $8 billion. The fastest growth is expected to come from health care and educational buildings, followed by commercial structures and lastly, office buildings.

One observation by Environmental Leader is that smaller building owners are not aware of the benefits of building controls so they have very little or no automation systems in place. This is an area for improvement, since it’s a common misconception that building automation only benefits large buildings.

Building automation benefits companies of all sizes when it comes to energy-efficiency, comfort, productivity and preventive maintenance. Small and large businesses can significantly cut energy costs by implementing new technologies that monitor energy use. Incorporating energy-saving and eco-friendly upgrades like building automation control systems will save money in the long-term.

Advanced Control Corporation is the leading company for providing building automation and access control for over twenty years. By providing quality implementation of building management systems, companies are able to manage energy efficiently. The building automation industry is growing each consecutive year and Advanced Control is keeping up with technological advances and the need to preserve the environment.