Energy Efficiency Return on Investment Higher than for Alternative Fuel

Although there has been a big focus on natural gas lately, new studies are shifting a focus to energy efficiency and building automation to help meet the energy demands of the future.

Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) released study results on Thursday at the annual meeting in Houston, stating that of all available energy conservation and alternative energy means, energy efficiency is the most effective way to remedy the balance between the supply and demand for low cost, earth-friendly energy.

Other options considered and currently in place include carbon capture and storage, which stores carbon waste underground, but supporters of oil drilling believe it is less damaging to drill for oil than it is to store waste beneath the earth’s surface.

Promoting energy efficiency offers consumers and the planet a higher return on investment in regards not only to energy costs, but to the impact of energy consumption on the environment.

While some consumers view efficiency as a sacrifice of comforts and habits, the reality is that energy efficiency at its best provides consumers with the things they want at an affordable price, and with improved energy use for lower energy bills.

Consumers must see energy efficiency as a positive change rather than an inconvenience on any level, and in order for a reform in efficiency, the upfront costs of converting need to be reasonable.  A number of household appliances made today use only 25% of the energy its predecessors consumed 25 to 35 years ago.

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