Energy Efficiency Bill “HomeStar” to be Passed by Congress

Congress is soon passing HomeStar, a program of green-energy and energy efficiency incentives for homeowners investing in making their home more energy-efficient.

Similar to a Cash for Clunkers program, rebates for energy-efficient appliances and retrofits for the home are available at the point of purchase.

These rebates would be marketed by a number of vendors, from independent building materials dealers to large home improvement chains, to service providers and installers.

Vendors can provide the rebate to the customers and submit paperwork to the federal government for reimbursement. Homeowners are eligible to recieve the following benefits through the HomeStar program:

•Instant rebates for energy-saving investments

•50% rebates for the cost of upgrades up to $1500

•Rebates up to $3000 for homeowners who retrofit their entire home

Saving families hundreds of dollars on utility bills and creating a less fossil fuel-dependent economy, this energy efficieny program will also boost jobs, creating work for contractors, construction workers and other businesses.

In order to be eligible, contractors would have to be certified by the state in order to install energy-efficient upgrades.  After work is completed, independent quality assurance representatives would audit the work to be sure installations were performed correctly so that the consumer saves in energy bills.

Currently the unemployment rate in the construction industry is around 25%, with plenty of supply in those who can perform construction jobs, this HomeStar program may boost economic recovery after the increase in demand for energy efficiency and those filling the roles to provide installations.

In addition, the majority of energy-efficient insulation products and energy-efficient windows are manufactured exclusively in the United States.  There are also a number of service providers in the U.S. to help not only homeowners, but managers of large buildings to automate the use of their energy.

Building automation systems help control and maintain energy use different areas of a building.  From lighting to HVAC to elevator control, building automation uses intelligent computerized controls that monitor all levels of energy consumption in a building.

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