Energy Efficiency and Building Automation a Major Initiative in New York

New York is taking on new energy efficiency initiatives over the next two years.  The state is funding $100 million towards an Industrial and Process Efficiency program to aid manufacturing plants and data centers in lowering energy costs and improving bottom line profits.

These funds will go towards energy efficiency research and improvements to decrease waste and increase productivity and efficiency in energy usage. 

 New York already has incentives in place for businesses retrofitting existing buildings, or taking on greener and more energy-efficient practices. Three companies have been awarded nearly $2 million each in assistance and research of energy savings measures and the education and training necessary to put energy-efficient practices into use.

Last year nearly $4 million went towards the improvement of energy usage in manufacturing and data center businesses.  The energy consumption in these industries in New York reduced over the year by almost 41 million kilowatt hours of energy.

 New York is home to the second largest concentration of data centers in the United States.  These data centers are centralized hubs controlling the traffic and flow of computerized information.  New York’s investment in energy efficiency over the next 24 months will help the sustainability of data center industries and in turn encourage economic development.

Nearly every aspect of the United States’ economy relies on data centers, and nearly $600 million is spent annually per data center towards energy costs, and the energy usage is expected to increase over the next 36-60 months.

Building automation systems control and maintain energy efficiency in a variety of areas of a building.  From elevator control to HVAC and lighting, building automation utilizes computerized controls to monitor energy consumption levels of a building.

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