Building Automation Creates Sustainability Despite Economic Pressures

Necessity being the mother of invention and innovation, pressing economic times forge a number of revolutions in technology and the overall way we conduct our lives and business.  In a need and desire to create sustainability and simplicity, energy consumption tends to be a strong focus for financial savings and long-term return on investments.

By investing in energy-efficient components, companies will save money in the long and short term.  Commercial buildings account for roughly 20% of energy consumption in developed countries.  In order to balance out the consumption, building automation is a necessity for building energy management staff in order to control energy waste and maximize energy efficiency.

Although building automation is a slow-growing trend, it is a market that will be facing a global 3% growth over the next five years, and according to research conducted by ABI Research, it is estimated that the market value will reach over $36 billion by 2015. 

Despite a slowing economy, the government is providing a number of financial incentives and putting rules and regulations into place for energy efficiency and building automation projects.

Building automation systems control and maintain energy use in each area of a building.  From lighting to HVAC to elevator control, building automation uses intelligent computerized controls that monitor all levels of energy consumption in a building.

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