Building Automation and Energy Efficiency Measures Drastically Reduce Energy Expenses

With a large role in the grand scheme of energy conservation, building automation plays a large role in the big picture of energy efficiency and energy conservation.   Building automation not only extends the life of a building, but improves convenience, comfort and the building’s overall energy efficiency levels. 

IT programs and different technologies for building management control a variety of components and elements within a building, helping to reduce wasted energy usage and increase the energy efficiency of a building. 

In the past, security and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) were high on the priority list for energy conservation. More recently, new means of energy conservation of a building include elevator technology which tracks patterns and usage of elevators, and elevators can be assigned specific routines or destinations according to the routines of the building’s tenants and the current patterns of elevator usage.

Elevators are equipped with detection sensors, making them “aware” of when they need to be active or when they can go to “sleep” — into an idle state of decreased energy consumption.

These more modern systems provide increased function in newer construction projects, and also improve the life span of both new and existing buildings by maximizing energy efficiency and applying the same elevator occupancy patterns to other systems of the building such as lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

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