LEED Certification Steps up Game With Regular Audits of Green Buildings and Building Automation

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program is constantly evolving, and a desirable LEED certification doesn’t necessarily mean a structure and its operations is the same green project the LEED organization endorses.

LEED-Certified buildings are expected not only to gain certification for their building automation projects, but to continue maintaining their low environmental impact once the building is occupied and used for its intended purposes. 

The U.S. Green Building Council sponsors the LEED certification, but realized a significant number of buildings certified by LEED for Earth-friendly design and construction have turned out to have a higher carbon footprint than intended once they’re up and running.

As a result, USGBC is launching an initiative to ensure the LEED certified buildings are performing up to the expectations and regulations of LEED standards.  Ongoing LEED building energy performance audits will be performed, and standards will be adjusted while the program assists LEED-certified structures to stay within limits.

Interest in how a building automation system performs once it’s functioning instead of a focus on how it is expected to perform based on construction and design is an important investment.  Results from a 2008 study funded by Green Building Council and the U.S. Environmental Protection agency and performed by New Buildings Institute found that a quarter of LEED buildings surveyed were consuming more energy than similar non-LEED-certified buildings. 

A sharper focus on optimizing energy performance and keeping an eye on building performance came about for the Green Building Council when it announced in June that it would require regular submissions of energy and water consumption information from building management representatives of LEED certified structures.

 To  help the initiative, GBC is providing complimentary analytical services of the information they receive from building managers to help building owners increase the building energy optimization.

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