Energy Efficient Grants and Building Automation Provide Hope for Cities with Poor Energy Management

Urban cities with a high concentration of renting tenants tend to face a number of energy management and building energy efficiency problems. One such town plans to make a stronger move towards building automation and energy efficiency upgrades that not only decrease the amount of energy wasted, but helps lower the energy bills of tenants. Boston, Massachusetts is hoping to put into place a city-wide program benefitting from federal funds to provide incentives that encourage landlords to invest in retrofitting their buildings and focusing more on energy management.

Governor Deval L. Patrick and his administration is seeking to upgrade energy efficiency practices for entire neighborhoods throughout Massachusetts through an application for a federal stimulus grant in the amount of $60 million. Boston plans to target a specific high-rental area that could potentially face energy bill savings of $8.6 million within 5 years of beginning the program.

Massachusetts plans to put $45 million toward energy-efficient retrofits throughout the state, and $15 million toward an energy retrofit program in Boston’s Blue Hill Avenue corridor, an area with a high amount of rental properties.  The administration estimates energy upgrades would produce over $41 million in energy bill savings by the end of the project’s third year.  Within the three-year period, the projects is estimated to create or retain nearly 5,000 green economy jobs throughout the state, including HVAC vendors and installers, weatherization contractors,energy assessors, and project support employees.

Over the next three month, the United States Department of Energy is reported to be rewarding funds for 20 projects costing anywhere from $5 million to $75 million to help perpetuate energy efficiency upgrades throughout the nation, and Massachusetts hopes to be among recipients.

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