Building Automation, Energy Retrofits Among Rising Energy Management and Energy Efficient Trends

With a number of green energy management trends becoming the rule rather than the exception, building automation in Florida and energy retrofitting for buildings around the nation is widely popularized.  The movement towards sustainable buildings is solidifying, and there is a lot to hope for and look forward to in the upcoming year.

Congress has long been discussing raising standards of current building and energy codes.  By creating nation-wide universal standards, companies providing products or services in the green energy market or that aid in retrofitting buildings and creating energy-efficient solutions will have a firmer grip on the standards necessary for these projects.

America’s buildings account for 40% of the nation’s energy consumption. Without integrated systems, these structures are wasting energy through heating, air conditioning, poor insulation, as well as a lack of lighting control and elevator access controlSystem integration and building automation are just the beginning of creating energy-efficient buildings. Additionally, with improved insulation and replacing old heating and cooling systems, these changes pay for themselves in time, as energy bills face reduction with newer and more energy-efficient systems.  With so much talk in Washington in regards to new jobs being developed for these projects, the green energy movement is gaining momentum.

Building energy retrofits optimize energy performance as well as building maintenance in regards to heating and cooling.  Retrofits lead to energy cost reductions as high as 30%.  Commercial buildings that are older than five years typically benefit from retrofits, seeing a return on investment and reduction in energy costs in under five years. The market for building retrofits is expected to face growth from under $4 billion in 2009 to a potential $15 billion in 5 years.

Advanced Control Corporation provides a number of energy-efficient solutions from building automation and energy management to building access control and security measures such as CCTV Solutions. Our experience and continuing work in building automation solutions gives us the skill set necessary to produce optimal results for every project.