Justification for Building Automation and Energy Retrofits Even for New Buildings

For many of those who own, lease, manage or operate buildings built after 2000, the idea of spending on retrofitting and energy-saving upgrades seems an outlandish idea:  Your investment hasn’t turned to profit, and upgrading equipment that is relatively new doesn’t seem an intuitive action to take.

However, aninvestment in optimizing energy performance today will increase the profits of your investment sooner, and for longer.  Investing early in retrofitting your building provides enough financial savings to justify the spending; oftentimes profit occurs within the first year.

In order to calculate expenses and potential profits that may arise by a retrofit, one must begin benchmarking the energy efficiency and performance of a building.  Add up the total dollar amount of your building’s energy bills for the past 12 months, then divide that number by the square footage of the building.

On average, the cost for most offices per square foot is $1.25.  If your numbers come out to an amount closer to or higher than $2 per square foot, it’s time to consider means by which you can increase your building’s energy efficiency.

Additional benchmarking tools are available at the Energy Star website.  This site allows you to input relevant data related to your energy consumption, then gives you a score  If your building scores above 75, it is eligible to become rated for the Energy Star.  A score below 50 indicates there is some work to be done in order to make your building more energy efficient.

If your building scores 50 or lower, the next step to take is to determine the cause of such high levels of energy consumption.  The key to reducing cost of energy is to use less, and with integrated building solutions, an automated system can be put into place to control different areas of your building as they are used, and these systems will turn off energy wasting devices such as lights and HVAC when they don’t need to be running.

Once a building automation system has been implemented, the most important thing to do is have competent building maintenance staff trained to use the automation system to your building’s advantages.

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