From Private Facilities to Entire States-Building Automation and Energy Management are The Next Big Plan

In light of all that is “green,” a growing amount of regions are adopting energy management plans for increasing energy efficiency and reducing pollution and emissions. Plans include building automation, which increases the life of a building.  With support from those who believe a dramatic cut in electricity use and customers’ monthly costs will occur by 2012 with this plan, Massachusetts is moving forward with a stringent energy efficiency program.

In 2008 the state of Massachusetts created the Energy Efficiency Council, a subsidiary of the Green Communities Act.  This week the EEC approved a plan to reduce electricity use by 2.4% over the next three years. The state will raise extra funds by way of the new greenhouse gas-emission permits, which were recently implemented in Massachusetts.

The program involves taking steps such as promoting improved lighting, heating, and insulation to help cut energy use. With an estimated budget of over $1 billion, the plan—which will expand the current energy efficiency program run by utilities– is awaiting approval from the Department of Public Utilities.  Based on a half-cent fee on every kilowatt of power used by electric customers, about $125 million is spent per  year on electricity.

These are ambitious yet pertinent goals. Working with different industries towards this change, Massachusetts is creating a historic movement for a revolution of sorts. In the meantime, nobody has to wait for the government to implement a green solution.  You can start small with your business.  Building Automation and energy management plans can be implemented today to save money and energy into the future.

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