Climate Change, Green Energy, Building Automation Top Political Priority

Climate change is back in the spotlight politically, as legislation plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions and add a $3.4 billion budget towards clean energy funds. Hearings have begun in a congressional committee on “cap-and-trade” bill, which would require a decrease in emissions by more than 80 percent over the course of the next forty years. New energy management plans will include building automation and building energy efficiency

In recent years, global warming-related issues have been a.mong top political debates. Democrats tend to be more welcoming to proposals created to slow climate change, while governing Republicans express concerns not only about whether there is a need for decreased energy consumption, but about what the financial impact on the economy these changes would create.

Current legislation is pushing for an increased investment in a clean energy agenda within the United States.  With hopes to run with that agenda, hearings have begun with the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, speaking on the Clean Energy Jobs  and American Power Act.  Those in favor of the bill believe the bill would decrease domestic greenhouse gas emissions by 20% before 2020, and by over 80% by 2050 by enacting a cap-and-trade program through which companies could purchase and sell emissions credits.

About30% of the emissions credits would be granted to the electric power sector for the next 17 years, in attempt to rid detrimental economic effects.  Democrats believe the bill will stimulate the creation of new jobs in the “green energy” field.

Recently the president announced the largest investment toward energy grid modernization in U.S. history.  At a solar energy center in Florida, he announced an investment grant worth $3.4 billion dollars to go toward Smart Grid investment awards. This grant will support the installation of “smart meters”, created to help consumers monitor and control the energy consumption of their homes and businesses.

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