White House Becomes “Green” House With Obama’s Plan For Energy Building Automation Solutions

President Obama intends to get the White House to become certified LEED (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) by the U.S. Green Building Council.  The effort includes energy and water systems as well as waste disposal and management.  The White House representatives find it vital to take toxicity and life-cycle into consideration when making purchases for facilities.

The Council on Environmental Quality plans to reduce the White House’s carbon footprint by utilizing building automation solutions and cost-effective building energy management systems.  One example of building automation includes the use of electronic sensors toturn off lights in unoccupied rooms, and will also shut off low-flow water valves when not in use.

The only paints and cleaning supplies that will be used by White House engineers and groundskeepers will be low or no volatile organic compounds.  Biodegradable cleaners and recycled equipment will be utilized rather than harsh chemicals and new equipment.

For further energy management, windows will be tinted to lower UV rays, which in turn saves energy on air conditioning. Local reuse organizations will receive donations of any leftover materials and supplies from the White House renovations and demolitions.

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