Elevator Technology Adds to Building Automation Systems For Energy Efficiency

With a large role in the grand scheme of energy conservation, building automation extends a lifecycle of a building, and improves comfort and convenience, as well as energy efficiency.  Technology can control a number of elements within a building, whereas in previous years heating, ventilation, and air conditioning as well as security were top technological priorities for businesses.

In recent years, elevator technology has advanced and streamlined, where usage patterns can be tracked and elevators can be assigned specific destinations that adapt to the routines of the building’s tenants.

Earlier this month in Manhattan a new technology system was debuted to help determine patterns of elevator usage. The technology tracks a tenant’s usage patterns, and then displays a list of the most likely destinations based on previous activity.

This new system improves function in new construction, applies occupancy patterns to other systems like air conditioning and lighting, helps maximize energy use and extends the life span of existing and new buildings. In turn it enhances the convenience and comfort of those occupying the building.  In addition,  if there were a fire or other emergency, the new system provides instructions as to whether occupants should wait for an elevator or take the stairs instead.

Each elevator is equipped with a sensor so it may detect when it is required to be active and when it should be placed in a state of low-energy consumption.  The lights within the elevator remain dim when not in use.

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