Building Automation- Building Energy Management

Why save energy and implement a  Energy Management System?

The increasing of energy prices and the uncertainty of supply, have made the study of energy is an important strategy for industries around the world. After taking the study of energy is developed and implemented a building energy management system to manage energy. As per studies building energy management provides two major advantages: greater protection against the problems of energy supply and higher profits by reducing energy costs.

Planning energy management carefully can minimize the risks of a changing energy in the future. All industries must prepare for possible shortages or interruptions in energy supply. The used of coal or agro-industrial waste. First, the potential problems of supply should be monitored to determine the likelihood of actually occurring and what impact it may have on industry activities. After that, specific strategic plans should be established to ensure energy supply to the cases provided for primary emergency.

By building energy management strategies, the industry can help to maintain production levels and avoid lost sales due to such problems of energy supply. As I mentioned previously, controlling the cost of energy is an important strategy to improve profitability.

In some industries, energy costs represent a large percentage of the total production cost. But energy is the apparatus whose costs grow faster and one of the few costs that can be actually controlled by experts in the use of energy. Through the study of energy, industries can implement a systematic program to use energy efficiently and save money. You can save 7% to 24% of energy depending on the industrial and automation of the production process.

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