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Green Building Companies

Green building companies can help your property achieve long term sustainability and lower annual costs

Green Building CompaniesIn today’s world, many business owners and property managers are moving towards solutions that can help make their building a “green” structure. These structures are known for optimal efficiency with little waste of energy, gas, electric, water, etc. Many times, implementing certain solutions can help a structure become certified as a green building. And, with Advanced Control having built a reputation as one of the leading green building companies in Florida, transforming your structure is easy and affordable. Continue reading

Energy Efficient Buildings

Reduce operating expenses through the installation of an energy efficient buildings management system

Energy Efficient BuildingsIf you are a building owner or property manager who is seeking to make your structure  both financially and environmentally greener, installing a Building Management System may be the ideal solution for you. Energy efficient buildings not only reduce annual operating and utility costs, but they also increase the life and sustainability of the individual systems within your building. Advanced Control Corporation has helped thousands of clients throughout Florida implement a Building Management System or BMS in order to transform their structure into an intelligent building that operates at maximum efficiency and lowest cost. Continue reading

Building Management System

Improve the efficiency of your property’s systems with a Building Management System

Building Management SystemConsider the last building you entered into and all of the components involved in making that building operate properly. A wide variety of mechanisms and systems work simultaneously to make sure every building you enter into is comfortable and secure. From automatic doors, appropriate lightning, comfortable temperatures, security cameras, peak air quality and access control capabilities, building management systems have the ability to transform and upgrade any property and ensure its systems are performing at optimal levels. A Building Management System, also known as Building Automation Systems,  or BAS, are centralized networks of software and hardware components that monitor, manage and archive building data and help each building system communicate more cohesively with one another. Continue reading

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Improve building security with CCTV Surveillance Systems from Advanced

CCTV Surveillance SystemsMost business and property owners understand that the security of their building, its occupants, data and equipment is crucial to running a business, helping people feel safe, and for protecting important business data. With safety being on the minds of many in today’s world, how would you rate your company’s level of security? Are your property’s security features up-to-date and able to deal with multiple levels of security protocols? Can your property’s current security options keep occupants safe if a situation unfolded? At Advanced Control, we have worked with thousands of businesses throughout Florida, helping them strengthen their property’s current security systems and reduce the risk of theft, liability issues and more with CCTV surveillance systems. We understand each client has unique needs and a specific budget, and we enjoy designing an ideal security plan to meet these requirements. Continue reading

Access Control Systems in Miami

Improve the safety of your property, data and more with access control systems in Miami

Access Control Systems in MiamiNo matter the size of your business or facility, security it most likely one of your top concerns. Business and property owners need to ensure their building’s occupants, data and equipment are safe and secure at all times, and an access control system is one way to do this. Advanced Control Corporation has helped successfully implement countless access control systems in Miami for commercial building’s and housing properties of all sizes. An access control system does exactly what the name implies – it restricts and control access to a particular resource or area. When you install one of these systems in your building, or combine it with a building automation system, you can monitor, control and allow a specific user to a certain resource or area.  In addition to extra security, you will also get archived data in return in order to keep track of who had access to which room or resource in the past. Continue reading

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