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Miami Air Quality Management

Monitor and keep air quality control at optimal levels with Miami air quality management

air quality management
As a business owner or manager you know the importance of streamlining your business management operation to control and monitor every aspect of your building’s systems. Air quality control and management has become a primary concern in the operation of office buildings and their outside areas. To best serve your tenants, employees, and other building occupants with comfortable and safe air quality, an effective air quality management system must be installed. Continue reading

South Florida Intelligent Building Trends of 2016

Take a look back at South Florida Intelligent Building Trends of 2016

 intelligent building trendsSouth Florida has had an active year in the Intelligent Building sector of industry. New trends and innovations in the field saw a growing interest in 2016. Intelligent building design’s purpose is to create more efficient, energy saving, cost-effective structures that benefit both their company and the surrounding environment. Going “green” has been one of the popular trends that have taken hold in many communities across South Florida. It isn’t about building bigger or taller, it’s about building smarter. Continue reading

Green Building Energy Management

How green building energy management systems improve energy efficiency

Green Building Energy ManagementGreen building energy management solutions can significantly improve the energy-efficiency of commercial buildings, making them more affordable, comfortable, and sustainable. Energy-efficiency is one of the central issues driving the green building movement. Commercial buildings account for 20% of the energy use in the United States. A significant amount of this energy is wasted through the needless cooling, lighting, and ventilation of unoccupied areas in commercial structures. By regulating environmental systems and modifying energy use according to the occupancy status of building areas, a green building energy management system can reduce a commercial building’s power consumption by as much as 30 percent. Continue reading

What is an Intelligent Building?

Understanding how intelligent buildings work

 intelligent buildingThe concept of an “intelligent building” has been around for more than 30 years, and we still do not have a single agreed-upon definition. While the meaning of what constitutes an intelligent building is continually evolving, the following is a good working definition: An intelligent building uses the latest technology and processes to operate as safely and efficiently as possible. Intelligent buildings are designed to be energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and provide the optimal environment for their occupants. As a result, these buildings have lower operational costs and offer considerable benefits for owners and occupants. Continue reading

Green Energy Business Ideas: Using Green Energy to Power Your Business

Upgrade your business and equipment with smart green energy solutions from Advanced Control 

Green energyGreen Energy Business Ideas has become the new standard for operating a business that is energy efficient, cost effective and environmentally safe. There are increasing amounts of new green products and services available as the industry grows in leaps and bounds. Learning about different types of green energy for your business will help save you money on utilities and operating costs, and also help to sustain the life of each individual system within your operation. Continue reading

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