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Smart Building Management Systems in South Florida

The benefits of installing smart building management systems in South Florida

Smart Building Management SystemsFor commercial building owners in South Florida, smart building management systems have become an absolute necessity. Smart, or intelligent building management systems as they are commonly known, provide many benefits that South Florida commercial building owners need in order to manage their buildings effectively.  They integrate the various control systems so they work together efficiently, they make sure the building environment is comfortable, and they help to keep the premises and tenants secure. Perhaps most importantly, smart building management systems in South Florida provide an additional benefit: they keep energy costs under control, even in the excessively hot and muggy conditions that exist in this region. All these benefits make intelligent building management systems the one thing that every commercial building owner in South Florida needs to incorporate. Continue reading

Building Analytics for Hospitals 

How building analytics for hospitals can improve operation spending and efficiency

Building Analytics for Hospitals Did you know that the latest building analytics for hospitals can vastly improve facilities’ efficiency so they realize significant energy and operational savings?  Modern hospitals rely on building automation systems to oversee operations and make sure all systems in the facility operate correctly.  These systems enable hospitals to function well on a day-to-day basis, but behind the scenes, inefficiencies and unseen maintenance issues begin accumulating. Over time, these inefficiencies can negatively affect the performance of health facilities, potentially costing them thousands of dollars in wasted energy. The latest cloud-based building analytics software accumulates data on systems’ performance, converting the information into actionable intelligence that hospitals can use to identify and correct maintenance issues, improving efficiency and lowering energy and operational costs. Continue reading

Energy Saving Tips for Businesses

4 tips that will help your business save energy

Energy Saving Tips for BusinessesAre you looking for ways to save energy at your business? It seems that business owners everywhere are searching for ways to make their companies more energy efficient. Rising energy costs and the need to reduce our carbon footprint have business owners searching for ways to reduce the amount of energy they use. Since nearly 29 percent of the operating expenses of an average commercial building are spent on utilities, the drive to become more energy efficient is not surprising. Fortunately, we have some effective energy saving tips for businesses that can help you lower your energy usage by as much as 30 percent. Continue reading

Commercial Lighting Control Systems

The benefits of commercial lighting control systems

Commercial Lighting Control SystemsCommercial lighting control systems can significantly lower operating costs for building owners, improve the building’s working environment, and enhance the security of the facility and tenants. Commercial lighting control systems are rapidly evolving, gaining capabilities that can greatly benefit building owners. Automated home lighting systems are one of the most popular home purchases this year, eagerly sought by homeowners who want to lower costs and make their homes more efficient. Commercial lighting control systems are available that are far more advanced than these home systems. Using a sophisticated network of sensors, occupancy controls, and automated systems, these modern lighting control systems can greatly enhance the energy efficiency and security of facilities of all sizes. Continue reading

Energy Efficient Building

What makes a energy efficient building?

Energy Efficient Building Nearly every commercial building owner claims his or her building uses energy efficiently, which leads to the question: what does it really mean to have an energy efficient building? At the simplest level, an energy efficient building is one that eliminates energy waste and uses resources in a sustainable manner. Continue reading

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