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Benefits of Elevator Security Systems

Elevator Security SystemsFind out how the benefits of elevator security systems make buildings more secure

Elevator security systems can be valuable assets for high-rise and multi-tenant facilities, providing enhanced security, heightened safety, and lowered operational costs, as well as other essential benefits. Most commercial buildings with two or more floors have elevators, but many of these facilities still allow unsecured access to the elevators and lobbies. This creates a security vulnerability that could expose the owner, tenants, and premises to a dangerous degree. Elevator security systems provide access control and security monitoring to prevent unauthorized visitors from entering protected areas of the facility. Continue reading

Learn the Building Automation System Basics

building automation system basicsEverything you need to know about building automation system basics

If you want to learn about building automation system basics – to find out what they control, what their benefits are, and how to install these systems in your facility – this article is for you. Buildings have become increasingly complex in recent years. All of the systems that make commercial buildings comfortable and useful, including the lighting, HVAC, elevator access, security systems, and even the Internet access, are controlled by a building automation system. Understanding the basics of how building automation systems function is the key to effective building operations. Continue reading

Latest in Building Automation Systems in Universities

Building Automation Systems in UniversitiesDiscover the incredible benefits offered by the latest university building automation systems

Are you looking for a building automation system to handle operations at your university? Managing operations at colleges and universities is not a simple matter.  These facilities typically serve thousands of students in a mix of environments, with dozens of disparate building and security systems competing and creating inefficiencies. Budgets are generally tight, so universities are always looking for ways to reduce energy use and costs. The latest in building automation systems in universities integrate all of the various building operation and security systems into one campus-wide network, making students and faculty more comfortable, safe, and secure, while providing considerable cost and convenience savings for management. Continue reading

Installing Intelligent Building Controls in Your Building

Intelligent Building ControlsDiscover the benefits of installing intelligent building controls in your building

Are you tired of seeing your building operating costs rise? Have the control systems in your building become outdated and inefficient? Would you like to enjoy the benefits of the latest web-based control technology in your buildings? If the answer to these questions is yes, installing intelligent building controls in your building can take care of your problems. The latest intelligent building controls can easily be added to your existing structure, increasing your facility’s energy efficiency and creating a more responsive environment. Continue reading

Intelligent Building Solutions for New and Existing Construction

Intelligent Building SolutionsWondering what intelligent building solutions can do for your new and existing construction?

Are you looking for a way to lower operating costs and make your building as secure, comfortable, and energy-efficient as possible? There are intelligent building solutions for new and existing construction that deliver these benefits and more. Whether you are building a new facility or looking to upgrade your existing structure, intelligent building solutions can integrate the control systems in your facility so they communicate and work together. The result is improved energy efficiency, enhanced security, and a more responsive building environment. Continue reading

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