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How Building Management System Can Help Businesses Improve Profitability

Building Management Systems 

Is your company aware that energy management tools are readily available to help increase profit and decrease overall cost? Find out how Advanced Control Corp can help your business get up to date with a building management system .

A BMS, building management system is oftentimes referred to as a building automation system and it is a system that helps owners and managers control their heating, cooling, lighting, energy, air handling units and other major element. These systems are created to oversee the energy- consumptions as well as oversee fire safety.  The main functions of a BMS, building management system, is to control the ventilation systems, heating and air conditioning, but that it not their only function. Here is a list of all important functions in a BMS, or BAS: 

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How Office Lighting Control Systems Reduce Expenses and Increases Security

Commercial Lighting Control Systems for Offices 

Business owners are always on the lookout for ways to save money and by simply installing office lighting control systems, business owners can do just that.  

When business owners add office lighting control systems, businesses are giving themselves the ability to either manually or automatically control the lighting functions, and their intensities, within the building. A few ways office lighting control systems can work within a building are: 

Occupancy Sensors: Occupancy sensors are motion sensors within the interior of the building, detecting movement and illuminating on command. Occupancy sensors are great things to install in bathrooms, break rooms, conference rooms and anywhere that isn’t used 24/7 but needs lighting on command.  

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Smart Building Technology and Energy Efficiency

By installing building automation systems, commercial buildings can save big on energy efficiency. 

No matter your company, Advanced Control Corp. has what you need to help your business become more energy efficient through monitoring in a building automation system. Advanced Control Corp. in South Florida understands how to help our clients bring their operations systems up to date while operating within necessary budgets. Building automation systems are integrated control systems that are made up of sensors and actuators that monitor and regulate the operation of building equipment systems. Building automation systems are used to optimize performance and energy use.  

These days there are sophisticated systems that are combined with cloud data to fit buildings that are of any size. The importance of monitoring utilities through building automation systems keeps building managers up-to-date on what is going on within the systems and help eliminated unwanted expenses. Continue reading

4 Ways A Building Automation System Can Improve Your Business

Building Automation SystemBuilding automation systems give business owners enhanced, advanced control of a building’s overall systems – making operations easier and more affordable

Your business may already be considering the installation of a building automation system if it is  run in a commercial, institutional or industrial building. Advanced Control Corp is a leading provider of viable solutions in building automation systems and has been in business since 1987. Located in South Florida, Advanced Control Corp. knows just how to help clients with the installation, implementation, integration and running of an intelligent building automation system. Continue reading