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Security Camera Systems for Business and Retail Buildings

security camera systems for businessSecure your commercial property with security camera systems for business from Advanced.

Maintaining security in commercial buildings is becoming increasingly complex as technologies change and intruders become more educated. One of the primary concerns of business owners is how to keep their building and occupants safe from criminal and hostile activity. Advanced security camera systems for business is your best bet against security breaches. Continue reading

Building Automation Systems Companies: How We Work


building automation systems companiesFind out what makes Advanced ione of the best building automation systems companies in Florida.

If you want the best building automation and control systems for your commercial property, Advanced Control Corporation is your ideal building automation company in Fort Lauderdale. We can show you how to create a safe, cost-effective and efficient infrastructure that will properly monitor and manage your business. Continue reading

How do Lighting Control Systems Work? 

how do lighting control systems workLower operating costs with a commercial lighting automation system.

How do lighting control systems work and are they really necessary for your commercial property? Commercial lighting control systems are complex structures that require a variety of devices and processes that will make a direct impact on the management of your building’s lighting and electric costs. A proper commercial lighting automation system can save your company up to 60 percent on electric costs and about 40 percent on your overall energy cost. Continue reading

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