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How a Building Management System Works

Learn how a building management system works and how it can help your business succeed

Building Management SystemOne of the best resources your company can have is a fully integrated building management system. And once you understand how a building management system works you will understand why it is so vital to the success of your business. Advanced Control Corporation can offer your company a variety of building management solutions to help you effectively monitor and manage every area of your business operation so that you are in control and nothing is left to chance. Continue reading

Smoke Evacuation System

A fully integrated smoke evacuation system is the safest choice for commercial facilities with kitchens

Smoke Evacuation SystemIn a commercial building with an active kitchen, such as a casino, hotel, conference center, or other hospitality facility, even the most robust fire alarm and containment system will not be enough to keep guests safe. When a fire breaks out in a commercial building, the alarm system alerts guests while the sprinklers or fire containment method goes to work putting out the flames. While that protects the structure from burning down, it fails to address another aspect of the fire that is even more deadly than the flames: the smoke and toxic fumes created by burning materials. To protect occupants from the dangers of burning fumes and smoke, commercial buildings should have a fully integrated smoke evacuation system in place to remove dangerous fumes before they impact the health of occupants. Continue reading

South Florida Intelligent Building Trends 2017

Discover which South Florida Intelligent building trends will be seen in 2017 and beyond

South Florida Intelligent Building Trends 2017IoT (Internet of Things), cloud-based software as a service, and cyber security are on track to be the dominant South Florida intelligent building trends for 2017.  In the coming year, it appears that intelligent building technology will work to improve South Florida building owners’ profitability in several key ways. IoT analytics should open the way for South Florida building owners to improve their customer service without having to make additional investments in infrastructure. Cloud-based SaaS will help building owners create pared-down customized building management solutions that have only the specific services they really need. And advanced cyber security measures should make South Florida building owners and their tenants more secure.  Let’s take a look at what the latest intelligent building trends have to offer South Florida in 2017. Continue reading

Commercial Security Systems

Essential features that all commercial security systems should have

Commercial Security SystemsDoes your commercial security system have what it takes to keep your facility and tenants safe? If you haven’t updated your system to incorporate the latest surveillance technology, the answer may be a resounding “No”! Commercial security systems are continually evolving, as cameras, computer systems, and security software are updated and improved. Criminals are updating their tools at a similar rate. That means that commercial security systems that were state of the art only a few short years ago may be so hopelessly outdated now that they practically invite criminals to take advantage. If you are wondering if the security measures in your commercial building need to be updated, the following checklist for commercial security systems will help you identify any problem areas that exist.  Continue reading

How to Reduce Energy Consumption in Business

How to Reduce Energy Consumption in Business: Energy saving tips

How to Reduce Energy Consumption in BusinessWith energy costs continuing to rise, reining in energy consumption doesn‘t just make good environmental sense, it makes good business sense, too. If you are wondering how to reduce energy consumption in business, the answer is simple: start improving energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is a proven, highly effective way for businesses to reduce the amount of energy they consume. It’s also incredibly cost-effective.

Continue reading

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