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Elevator Security Systems 

Enhance security and protect data with elevator security systems from Advanced Control

Elevator Security Systems Every business manager and property owner knows the importance of having a fully integrated security automation system in all their buildings. These systems may encompass elevator security, access control, video surveillance and more. Being able to monitor and access control of entire buildings is necessary to manage a business effectively. Losing important data and compromising your IT capability can cause lots of problems for you and your business. There is also the risk of employee tampering and theft when systems are not secured properly. Open protocols may benefit system integration, but this too poses another security risk. Advanced Control Corporation (ACC) is an industry leader with the knowledge and experience to assess the needs of your company when it comes to elevator security systems, access control and more. Continue reading

Leed Certification Florida

Transform your structure and achieve Leed certification with the help of Advanced Control

Leed Certification FloridaLeadership in Energy and Environmental Design (Leed) is the nationally accepted hallmark of efficient, high performance design, construction and operation of green buildings that are environmentally friendly. A variety of buildings in Florida are given Leed Certification when the structure meets the standards required. These buildings must maintain advanced technology that reduces water and electricity usage, and also preserve a minimum of 40% or more of the landscape and open space that the building is situated on. Continue reading

Green Construction Technology for Your New Building

Decrease environmental impact with green construction technology in your new building

Green Construction TechnologyA move toward utilizing more sustainable green construction is becoming the prominent theme among many commercial and residential building owners who are either renovating their existing facility or building entirely new structures. Using green building materials helps to lower the adverse impact on our environment, while adding to the necessary preservation of diminishing nonrenewable resources. Green construction technology enhances your return on investment by generating an increase in the efficiency of energy, gas, electric and water usage. Other maximized benefits of using green building technology include: a minimized need for maintenance, less resource usage and waste, the enhanced health of occupants and a decrease in over-all operational and replacement costs throughout the lifetime of the structure. It is not difficult to assess the validity of potentially green building materials when you use the following criteria as a guide: Continue reading

Building Illumination Control System

Lower costs and increase security with a building illumination control system

Building Illumination Control SystemMany property owners and managers are concerned with the toll their structure’s extensive energy use is taking on the environment around them. Today, many businesses are implementing energy-efficient systems and tools to make their facilities use less energy, water, electric, gas, etc. One way business and property owners are achieving this is through building automation systems and building illumination control systems. On average, lighting fees represent almost 40 % of a commercial building’s overall annual costs. By upgrading and improving the efficiency of a structure’s lighting system, a substantial part of your energy efficiency plan has been taken care of. In addition to lowering your annual costs, when you have a building illumination control system properly installed, you can also see up to a 25 % reduction in energy usage. Continue reading

Green Building Companies

Green building companies can help your property achieve long term sustainability and lower annual costs

Green Building CompaniesIn today’s world, many business owners and property managers are moving towards solutions that can help make their building a “green” structure. These structures are known for optimal efficiency with little waste of energy, gas, electric, water, etc. Many times, implementing certain solutions can help a structure become certified as a green building. And, with Advanced Control having built a reputation as one of the leading green building companies in Florida, transforming your structure is easy and affordable. Continue reading

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