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 Improve Safety and Efficiency with Building Light Control Systems

Building Light Control SystemsLearn how intelligent building features can improve your property’s performance.

New building light control systems are a marvel of modern times. With lighting being a top utility expenditure in commercial buildings, transitioning from outdated lighting systems to a technologically advanced system can dramatically reduce your utility costs by as much as 30% annually and improve efficiency, quality and security. BMS lighting control systems are the latest in intelligent building features that your structure should not be without. Continue reading

Building Automation System Benefits 

building automation system benefitsLearn how an intelligent building management system can increase the safety and effectiveness of your property.

Have you considered a building management system (BMS) for your business? Besides improving your bottom line, there are many building automation system benefits that you will derive that will improve system performance and efficiency. Your BMS will operate all your infrastructure systems including monitoring, management, collecting and analyzing data, and much more. An intelligent building management system will alert authorized personnel about any existing problems, malfunctions, and inefficiencies. Your managers will be able to address problems as they develop and avoid system failures that cause a loss of time and productivity. Continue reading

Go Green and Save with Energy Saving Systems for Buildings

Energy Saving Systems for BuildingsLet energy savings systems for buildings make your property work more efficiently.

Go green and save money; this is the evolving trend of many businesses today who are implementing energy saving systems for buildings and outside property through an intelligent building management system. Building owners and property managers are discovering how they can secure their property, run their buildings more efficiently and cost-effectively, and also reduce waste and conserve the natural environment. Going green is the new paradigm that is changing the way we operate energy saving systems for buildings, and also lower operating costs. Continue reading

How a Building Management System Works

How a Building Management System WorksFind out how a building management systems works and can save you money

Learn how a building management system (BMS) works and how it offers you many great benefits for your property. A building management system can be retro-fitted into your existing infrastructure, or a new one can be created from the ground up. Building management system software is used to access data and manage your BMS. To learn how BMS works, Advanced Control Corporation can provide you with the necessary information, and also teach your managers how to operate a BMS system. We also provide maintenance and online support for operating your system. Continue reading

Ways Smart Building Technology Can Save You Money


Smart Building Technology

Let smart building technology overhaul your building’s operations and effectiveness

Did you know that smart building technology can save you money? Your business can realize savings not only on operating costs, but also in the repair and replacement of equipment by providing sustainable solutions, and malfunction detection devices. A smart building management system can oversee your entire building’s operations, while providing important feedback to management personnel. Problems that are brought to the attention of managers can be swiftly addressed before there are any system failures, saving your company both time and money. Here are some benefits that make smart building technology an asset to your business: Continue reading

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