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The Latest in Green Technology for Your Miami Building

Consider technologies in green construction to upgrade your structure and reduce costs

Miami green technologyIn many areas of the country, green building technology is being touted as the new standard for building sustainable structures, and more companies are going green than ever before. If you are interested in green technology for your Miami building, then Advanced Control Corporation has what you are looking for. Energy efficiency is one of the main areas of concern for companies with high utility bills. By establishing energy efficiency in your building, you not only reduce your operating costs but you also help by adding future sustainable growth output. It is interesting to note that about 42% of organizations are looking to lease space in green buildings because they are aware of the tremendous advantages that green construction has to offer. If you own a building that leases office space, then incorporating green technology into your building systems will increase tenant retention and also attract new tenants. Continue reading

How Elevator Access Can Step Up Your Building’s Security

Tighten security and keep occupants safe with elevator access control systems from Advanced Control


Elevator Access ControlDid you know that there are different ways to secure specific areas of your building for security purposes? Elevator access control systems are one of the many security solutions we provide here at Advanced Control Corporation. If you have a multi-use or multi-tenant facility then you should consider having restrictions on access to different areas in your building, to provide each tenant with privacy and safety. The public should not be roaming around buildings, but should be steered to the exact location that they came in for. This can be accomplished with an elevator access control system which will provide your personnel or tenants with an increase in safety and will also deter criminal activity. You will be limiting access to transient traffic in your building by only allowing people with authorization to have access to specific areas. Continue reading

Installing a Closed Circuit TV System Can Save Your Business

Improve security and decrease theft with a CCTV surveillance system on site with Advanced Control

Closed Circuit TV SystemIn this day and age when civil disturbances are on the rise, security becomes a key factor in the daily operation of your business. Advanced Control Corporation is a leader of security and surveillance systems that are paramount to protecting your property, material assets and building occupants. We can show you that installing a closed circuit TV system can save your business and lives. Having a closed circuit TV (CCTV) surveillance system is a critical component of securing each and every area of your building and grounds. By monitoring who has access to your property and what activities they are performing, you are given the power to observe and control every activity on your property. When there is suspicious activity in one area, you will have the power to shut down or close off that area with an access-control system. All CCTV surveillance can be viewed by authorized personnel in one specific area on or off the property, and they will be able to easily manage building security through an integrated system. Continue reading

Florida Energy Management Systems Help Sunshine State Save

Upgrade your Florida structure with energy-saving building automation systems from Advanced Control

Florida Energy Management SystemsIf you are wondering how Florida energy management systems help the Sunshine State save on money and resources, you have come to the right place. Advanced Control Corporation has been helping Florida businesses become more energy efficient and environmentally responsible since 1987. We are an industry leader with a wide variety of comprehensive services that include cost-effective energy management systems, intelligent systems integration, access control, CCTV surveillance systems and much more. Continue reading

How Miami Building Automation Systems Can Help Offset Summer Utilities

Lower expenses and increase overall security in your structure with automated building systems in Miami.

 Miami Building Automation Systems It’s been a brutally hot summer this year and utility bills are skyrocketing. If you are operating a business, you know just how high utility bills can go. Advanced Control Corporation can help you offset your summer utility bills with an automated building system in Miami. We can integrate an automation system into your existing structure or build an entirely new one, to help you reduce waste, and improve energy usage efficiency, indoor environment and financial savings. Our company can conduct a building operation system analysis of your existing system to determine where a problem may exist that is costing your company unnecessary expense. Continue reading

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