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What is a Building Management System?

Find out what a building management system is and how it can improve commercial building operations

 building management systemIn today’s increasingly complex commercial buildings, building management systems play a necessary role in keeping everything functioning smoothly. Behind the scenes in modern commercial facilities are a multitude of electrical, mechanical, and security systems. These systems control everything in the structure, from the temperature in the rooms to the lighting in the parking lot. While these systems all function fine on their own, a building management system networks and integrates these diverse systems so they can share information and work together more synergistically. This allows the building to operate more efficiently, resulting in lower energy costs, enhanced security, and a more comfortable and responsive building environment. Continue reading

Intelligent Building Management Systems in South Florida

The importance of Intelligent Building Management Systems in South Florida

Building Management Systems in South FloridaWith record –breaking hot temperatures and energy costs on the rise, the need for intelligent building management systems in South Florida is at an all-time high. In most commercial buildings, energy costs account for nearly 29 percent of the operating budget. That figure may be even higher for commercial buildings in South Florida, where excessive heat and humidity put an increased demand on cooling and ventilation systems. Intelligent building management systems can provide relief from outsized energy costs. Through automated environmental controls that reduce energy waste while creating a comfortable building environment, intelligent building management systems can lower energy costs and make commercial buildings more profitable for owners in South Florida and elsewhere. Continue reading

Energy Conservation Techniques

Energy conservation techniques for commercial building owners

Energy Conservation TechniquesUsing the latest energy management solutions, commercial building owners can implement energy conservation techniques that help their buildings run much more efficiently and affordably. As we head into 2017, energy costs remain the single largest operational expense that commercial building owners face. That moves energy conservation into top position as one of the key concerns that commercial building owners need to address in order to improve their bottom line. Owners need to find ways to implement energy conservation techniques that enhance energy efficiency and reduce the amount of energy wasted in their facilities. Through the development of an energy conservation plan, building owners can implement a wide range of energy conservation techniques that can significantly improve energy efficiency and lower energy costs by 30% or more. Continue reading

Commercial Lighting Control Systems

Increase security and efficiency with commercial lighting control systems from Advanced Control

Commercial Lighting Control SystemsLooking to upgrade your property into a more efficient, secure environment? You can upgrade your commercial property by integrating commercial lighting control systems into your building management system. By integrating your system, your building operators will be able to easily access and manage all lighting control structures in your buildings. Advanced Control Corporation can help you integrate all your systems into one cohesive operation. Continue reading

How a Building Management System Works

Learn how a building management system works and how it can help your business succeed

Building Management SystemOne of the best resources your company can have is a fully integrated building management system. And once you understand how a building management system works you will understand why it is so vital to the success of your business. Advanced Control Corporation can offer your company a variety of building management solutions to help you effectively monitor and manage every area of your business operation so that you are in control and nothing is left to chance. Continue reading

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