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Energy Management Systems

Energy Management SystemsAchieve energy efficiency and lower overall costs with energy management systems from Advanced

Have you been wanting to implement a system that would help you run your building and company at optimal efficiency levels, lower your costs and even help you certify your structure as a “green” building? One way to do all of these things is by installing energy management systems or a Building Automation System (BAS) into your structure. These systems have helped countless building and business owners control and operate every system in their building in a cohesive and efficient manner. At Advanced Control Corp. we have worked with property owners who are looking to upgrade one building or a dozen buildings. By working closely with these clients and finding out what their specific needs are, we are able to design and implement an energy management system that works perfectly for their requirements. Continue reading

Security Automation Solutions

Security_Automation_SolutionsSecurity automation solutions can improve occupant safety, secure valuable equipment

Today’s commercial buildings comprise a variety of public spaces and open environments. Occupants and visitors can enter and roam freely in many malls, hospitals, theaters and more. Though each structure offers its own benefits to society, property managers and owners are always on the lookout for ways to make the structure and those in it more secure. Security automation solutions from Advanced Control may decrease these public settings from being a target for criminal activity. With access control systems, elevator access solutions, comprehensive security camera options and more, there is no better time than the present to improve the overall safety of your property.           Continue reading

Energy Management Solutions

Energy Management SolutionsIncrease efficiency, save money with energy management systems from Advanced

Most occupants and visitors of a building spend little time thinking about all of the systems and inner workings that create a safe and comfortable building environment. For building owners and managers however, building systems, their efficiency and saving energy and money are aspects always being considered. Over the years, many building owners throughout Florida have contemplated upgrading their property in order to make it more energy efficient and in some cases, certifying it as a “green” structure. With energy management solutions from Advanced, many of these property owners have successfully implemented our building automation systems, transforming their property into an intelligent structure. Continue reading

Green Building Solutions

Green Building SolutionsIncrease your property’s sustainability with green building solutions from Advanced Control

Have you been contemplating turning your building into a “green” or “intelligent” building? Upgrading a structure into a more efficient and energy-saving facility is on the minds of many building owners. These upgrades not only save money but also can help your structure pass city regulations and codes to officially become a green property. And, with a variety of energy management and green building solutions from Advanced Control, designing and upgrading to your new intelligent building is simple and easy. Continue reading

Building Automation Solutions

Building Automation SolutionsImprove your building’s efficiency with building automation solutions

For many of us, when we step inside a residential, commercial or industrial building, we give little thought to the dozens of systems that are working in unison to make the structure comfortable and safe. From adequate lighting and proper air quality, to restricted, safe areas and comfortable temperatures, countless inner functionings within each building help it to operate at optimal levels. To ensure all of these systems and their technology works smoothly, there are typically Building Automation Solutions working behind the scenes. Continue reading

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