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Advantages of Building Management Systems

Want to turn your property into an intelligent building? The advantages of building management systems are amazing.

Advantages of Building Management SystemsHave you discovered all the great advantages of building automation systems? If you are a business owner, you will be pleased to learn how a smart building system can save you money on operating costs while protecting your property, buildings and assets. Advanced Control Corporation has been assisting Florida businesses for decades in becoming more energy efficient and environmentally responsible. We are an industry leader in designing and creating intelligent building systems from the ground up, or integrating one into your existing system. Now you too can reap all the advantages of building management systems. Continue reading

Intelligent Building Management System Software

Learn more about intelligent building management system software and how it can help you business

Intelligent Building Management System SoftwareAre you interested in upgrading to an integrated building management system but are wondering about what the software includes? Advanced Control Corporation believes that the client has to define their needs and desires so that their software system can be customized to serve them efficiently. Your input is an important factor in designing your intelligent building management system software. Continue reading

What is Energy Management?

Learn what is energy management and all about the benefits of installing top quality building energy management systems

What is Energy ManagementWhat is energy management and how will it benefit you? As a building owner or property manager you want to take advantage of the best energy efficient systems available for your business. An energy management system offers you significant savings in annual energy and operating costs, but it also is environmentally friendly by conserving precious resources. Building energy management systems provide many benefits to all your buildings systems and mechanics, while also preserving the lifetime of these systems. That is because everything is monitored in real time, and data is collected to identify faults within each system to ensure that they are functioning properly and at their peak levels of efficiency. Continue reading

Security Camera Systems for Business

Increase safety and security with CCTV security camera systems for business with Advanced Control

Security Camera Systems for BusinessIs your building safe? Are all your assets as guarded as they could be? You can improve your building’s overall occupant safety and asset protection, plus gain peace of mind when you have a security automation system working for you. If your commercial building is a public space where visitors can come and go, you are open to any type of intrusion and danger. With security camera systems for business you can monitor, manage and circumvent any problems that have the potential of occurring. The power is in your hands to protect your building, property and occupants both inside and out of your building. Continue reading

Building Automation Companies in South Florida

Find the best building automation companies in South Florida for your next project 

Building Automation Companies in South FloridaAre you looking for a company that can integrate all of your building systems into one easy operation? Do you have multiples buildings in various locations? Whether you have one building or multiple structures, you can have an integrated building automation system to monitor and control every facet of your operation. Advanced Control Corporation is an industry leader in building automation companies in South Florida, and we can offer you fully automated building services and solutions. We can help you increase efficiency and lower operating costs with a building automation system. Continue reading

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