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How Miami Building Automation Systems Can Help Offset Summer Utilities

Lower expenses and increase overall security in your structure with automated building systems in Miami.

 Miami Building Automation Systems It’s been a brutally hot summer this year and utility bills are skyrocketing. If you are operating a business, you know just how high utility bills can go. Advanced Control Corporation can help you offset your summer utility bills with an automated building system in Miami. We can integrate an automation system into your existing structure or build an entirely new one, to help you reduce waste, and improve energy usage efficiency, indoor environment and financial savings. Our company can conduct a building operation system analysis of your existing system to determine where a problem may exist that is costing your company unnecessary expense. Continue reading

Miami Building Automation Solutions for Your South Florida Business

Transform your energy usage and costs with building automation solutions in Miami

Miami Building Automation Solutions You can increase the efficiency and safety of your business by incorporating a building automation system into your existing system or by creating an entirely new building solution. Advanced Control Corporation has a variety of Miami building automation solutions for your South Florida business. An intelligent automation system will improve the efficiency performance of your operation while reducing energy consumption and waste and also lower your operating costs. It will also create a safer, more comfortable environment for all of the occupants inside and on the grounds of your buildings. A building automation system provides easy access and management of all systems whether you are on or off the property. Authorized personnel will be able to manage and control systems such as lighting, HVAC, ventilation, security, fire, flood, mechanical and more through a building automation system in Miami. Continue reading

Saving Energy by Making Your Building Leed Certified

Save energy and money with Leed Certification by Advanced Control Corporation

Making Your Building Leed CertifiedYou know that your business could be saving energy by making your building Leed Certified? Advanced Control Corporation is an industry leader in helping all types of companies become Leed Certified by going green. We are a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) striving to ensure the protection of our environment and the conservation of energy. Leed Certification is based upon the USGBC’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system for green buildings. The Leed rating system is the internationally recognized green building standard, and is primarily focused on eight key areas that include water efficiency, materials and resources, innovation and design processes,location and planning, energy and atmosphere, sustainable sites, indoor environmental quality and regional priority. Continue reading

Why Invest in a Building Automation System?

Improve efficiency, reduce waste and become more profitable with a Building Automation System

Building Automation SystemWhen your company invests in a building automation system it will run at the pinnacle of efficiency while lowering overall operation costs. Advanced Control Corporation is an industry leader that has many years of experience in helping businesses by integrating a building control system into their operation. Advanced Control offers you business enterprise solutions that connect all networks into one automated system that can easily be accessed and controlled by authorized personnel on-site or off. Our building automation products allow for the distribution and exchange of all data within and across the entire network spectrum. This creates a quick and efficient communication system for monitoring and controlling data through a single interface. A building automation system can be controlled on site or off for a single structure or multiple structures in different locations, affording your company a more effective management system. Continue reading

Green Building Company Solutions

Run your building more efficiently with less waste with green building company solutions from Advanced Control

Green Building Company SolutionsA major concern of many business owners and property managers is how to make their building green compliant so that it will run more efficiently while preserving resources and limiting waste. Advanced Control Corporation has helped many companies gain green certification, and lower operating costs and reduce their environmental footprint. You can depend on us to help you achieve your green building company status and promote sustainability through the implementation of building automation systems (BAS). Continue reading

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