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Retrofit or Install Intelligent Building Management Systems 

intelligent buildingDiscover how intelligent buildings can reduce your business operating costs.

Successful companies are run by smart people who consider every factor before they make any major decision. When it comes to deciding if a company needs to install or upgrade their existing intelligent building management system, there are specific things that must be taken into consideration. Today we will examine some aspects of whether or not a company should install an intelligent building management system. Continue reading

Advanced Control Corp. BMS System 

bms systemReduce operating costs with a customized BMS system from Advanced Control.

Having a comprehensive BMS system in South Florida is vital to any corporate structure. Smart managers know that proper building management will rein in waste and improve overall efficiency and productivity, plus, it will also keep operating costs down. With utility prices rising and Florida’s heat and humidity uncompromising, it is imperative that you have an intelligent building management system installed in your structure. Continue reading

How HVAC Automation Can Lower Operating Costs 

hvac automation

Learn about the many benefits of solid-state climate control systems and HVAC automation from Advanced Control.

Having a well-designed building automation system can make all the difference, not only in your commercial building’s internal environment but also in your operating costs. You can reap many great benefits from a management system that provides optimal HVAC automation and climate control. HVAC is one of the costlier expenditures in a commercial building, along with lighting, and needs the management of an advanced building automation system to curb waste and provide cost-effective efficiency.  Continue reading

Commercial Lighting Control Systems 

commercial lighting control systemsLearn how to lower operating costs with commercial lighting control systems.

You can make a big difference in operating costs with advanced commercial lighting control systems. Why bleed your power source with unnecessary energy output when you can conserve energy and use only what is needed to illuminate your building and outside property? Building lighting control systems can bring balance to an improperly managed lighting system. Continue reading

How Building Automation Systems Work


Building automation systems can fine-tune any building’s infrastructure – here’s how.

Learn how you can create the ideal environment for your company with building automation system basics. The infrastructure of your building and all the hidden components that make every day operations simple, like sliding entrance doors or automatic occupancy lighting, are all part of building automation systems. These systems are created to make your work environment operate simply and smoothly, and also protect your interests and save you money too. If you haven’t already discovered the value of building automation and control systems, then it’s time that you did.  Continue reading

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